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“Results matter, and our clients rely on us because they trust in our ability to address issues and improve operations.  They deserve solutions that are greater than a standard response.  HGI is a trusted expert in our industry because we deliver exceptional customer service which produces outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.  That is our humble commitment to you.”

— Larry Oney, Chairman

We are the largest African-American owned TPA and Business Outsourcing firm in the United States. HGI has been at the forefront of Disaster Recovery Assistance Administration for over a 15 years, providing response, relief, and reconstruction services on almost every major federal hurricane and flood relief program since 2005.

Over the years we have expanded our expertise to provide solutions at all levels of government, the medical industry, education systems, the insurance industry and the private sector. After nearly 100 years of service, HGI continues to touch clients across multiple business sectors in the U.S. and abroad with no signs of slowing down.


“Our project was in need of a well-qualified individual or firm that could get us out of design, then to Construction. We found the solution with HGI. They took a project that was destined to be put on a shelf and collect dust, due to construction costs, to a ground breaking. HGI was able to value engineer the project and keep all parties fluid to make this wonderful project a reality.”

— Robert Burak, Chabad of Illinois, Chicago, IL


Our values outline exactly who we are as a company and create the standard for what our stakeholders can expect from us as industry leaders.  Our vision and culture are powered by humanity and diversity.  We focus on treating our employees, clients, and stakeholders with dignity and respect. This ensures that our value system and work products are always authentic.

These values define how we measure our effectiveness and success.  HGI serves as a platform to reinforce and strengthen our client’s risk management initiatives and programs while continuing to provide exceptional solutions-driven customer service to public and private-sector organizations around the world.

We Are…


Hardworking and Hands-On  

Nobody works harder than us, from our executive leadership team to our employees in every division.  We prioritize the importance of approaching each client’s work with practical experience to ensure that all outcomes exceed the clients’ expectations.


Genuine and Goal-Oriented 

We are a family-owned company that genuinely cares about moving past inputs and outputs for clients. We believe in truly creating conditions to celebrate outcomes. We set goals internally and exceed expectations externally. We produce results-driven work by utilizing data, tools, and resources to go beyond the transactional level to build relationships and partnerships that are transformational and cross-cutting across various industries.


Intentional and Innovative

We are intentional about being more than a third-party administrator. We engage in high-value activities which align our company with opportunities to anchor our work in innovation and sustainability. We champion this approach with the hope that we can continue to use our capacity to influence and effect impactful and meaningful outcomes.

Hammerman & Gainer has provided innovation and sustainable solutions for a changing world for over almost 100 years.

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